Friday, February 22, 2019

We knew that snow had been forecast, but we did not realize how heavy it would be, for some of the flakes were the size of loonies [for the benefit of non-Canadians, a loonie is a large one dollar coin with a Canadian bird, a loon, depicted on one side].  The baptism had been scheduled for noon, but we wondered if anyone would arrive, however, everyone came and we began the service.  Little James was so quiet, even smiling and chuckling at times.  As soon as the people left, we had to drive into town, but by that time it was raining and the roads were safe.  Stavroula sent us a trailer of a movie that is in the process of being produced.  It is called Nino, the patron saint of Georgia, and the four minute trailer was very moving.  I hope that it can be successfully completed soon, as it will definitely touch the hearts of many people.  Liudmila sent us some photos of the children in her class who were admiring the Khokhloma wooden ware that we have here at the monastery, and which we shall put up soon.

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