A work party has toiled this day.  The pantry was emptied, washed and cleaned, then the cans, jars, etc were returned while whatever was past the due date was set aside.  Some things had been sitting there for about four years.  Carpet cleaners came to clean our carpets, some of which needed more attention than others.  Elena prepared a huge meal for all the workers, while Yuri, Liuda  and Dima did much of the moving of furniture and general cleaning.  Zhenya came with her younger son Makar, later joined by her husband Anton and older son Timothy who also rolled up their sleeves to help. Lija came later because she was tied up in the traffic and I have to thank all these people for coming to help us here at the monastery.  The carpet cleaners donated their work and time, and they also must be thanked for their contribution.

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