Today’s warmth has brought out countless dandelions that are covering the  lawns like a carpet.  The intense yellow of the dandelions, combined with the rich green of the grass present us with a living picture.  We no longer think of them as weeds, but as dear friends that can be gathered [and even eaten]. While Father Moses was in the dental clinic getting his broken tooth repaired, Vladika Lazar and I went to a large store to pick up a wireless printer and some other necessities. I was proud of him for all the walking he did, while using a walker.  I must admit that I walked with my two canes and could not keep up with his pace.  Some friends arrived to paint the wooden crosses a task that has to be repeated almost every year.  I am grateful that they are so anxious to this work.  Andy told us that the winecap mushrooms have already begun to appear, but I did not have the energy to gather any of them.

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