The male nurse who came to see Vladika Lazar this morning reminded me of how, a number of years ago, he had come to buy some of the candles that we made and how he had prized them.  That was a kind compliment but I told him that we no longer made them, although I did manage to find a few twelve inch tapers stored in a drawer that I gave him. Those were happy days when hundred and hundreds of candles were made each day by a slow dipping process.  Some of the best customers we had were Orthodox churches in Alaska.  Now we must order candles from other sources. The Nokhrin family stopped in on their way to Harrison Hot Springs, bringing us a supply of food, enough to keep us fed for a long period.  Otherwise, we had no other visitors, nor did we venture out anywhere.  The mild weather allowed some sitting outside and enjoying nature’s belated springtime fragrance.

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