I had hoped to rest for a while so, while lying in the reclining chair and enjoying the rest, we suddenly lost our power, which meant that I was trapped and could not get up.  While Andy hurried to start the generator so that we could at least have some light, Kyrill came to free me, which he did.  The outage lasted only a couple of hours but it is precisely when we have no power that the hours seem to pass ever so slowly.  Meanwhile, people from the Narcotics Anonymous were gathering for their weekly meeting, so I gave them several candles.  Sasha said that the number of those in attendance was high, and they felt the beauty of meeting by candlelight and with an open fire in the fire place.  When the power returned, everything was quickly forgotten, except for the incident in the kitchen where I knocked over a bowl of cold cereal with milk and, in the darkness, I could not clean the mess easily.  Since Fridays are major cleaning days, all traces of sticky cereal  on the floor should be  easily cleaned.  

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