There is much controversy nowadays about flu shots, but Vladika Lazar and I have had them for probably at least forty years and never have either of us come down with the flu.  Consequently, we went to the pharmacy to get our shots today.  I like this particular pharmacy mainly because of its two handicap parking stalls right at the entrance and 19 times out of 20, one stall is free.  With the other pharmacies there is a bit of difficulty in finding a place to park which can be a problem at our age and especially if it is raining.  We heard from Mikhail and Ekaterina who had been aerial photographing in Alberta under good weather conditions and now have their exhibit on display in Los Angeles at the Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral.  If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibit, please do so, for you should find it most interesting. These remarkable people have travelled around the world engaged in aerial photography which gives one a completely different, and even astonishing, view of the Orthodox churches they have chosen.

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