Vladika Lazar hear some noise outside and when he went out to investigate, he saw a small bear that had climbed up one of the apple trees, eating and obviously enjoying the ripe apples.  He cupped his hands and made a loud shout which was enough to frighten the bear  away.  No doubt it will be back at night to finish  eating as many of the apples as it possibly can, but that is how we live, sharing our apples with the bears.  In particular, the cubs are so cute, but one must keep some distance away from them.  Vladika Lazar received an invitation to give a series of lectures at a distinguished university in India, although that will not take place. His health would not allow such a long journey, still, it was rewarding to be asked to undertake such a major undertaking.  The candles arrived and Andy has unloaded them into the corridor and perhaps tomorrow we can transfer them to the library.  In many respects, we are running out of storage space so the library, as an example, has to be used for storing some things, such as the candles.

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