Well, it finally happened!  After waiting for months to see a bear, I caught a glimpse of one this morning as I walked up to the desk which is located in front of a large window.  The bear must have seen me and it scurried away, just showing its rear end as it disappeared behind the Jeep.  At first I thought that it might be Andy’s black dog named Nine, but this creature had no long tail and its rear end was large and round.  By the time I stepped outside, it was out of sight and I dared not go farther in my bare feet. It is that time of year when they come for the apples and any other edible things they can come across.  We were informed that the candles we ordered last week have arrived at our local post office and tomorrow we shall pick them up.  They are of excellent quality and there is no shipping charge which is a bonus, considering that they come from Toronto. 

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