I baked two prosphoras, one for tomorrow’s Liturgy, and the second one for Sunday.  They both came out well without any cracks in the crust, so the baker’s advice of lowering the temperature was wise.  The Thursday Narcotics Anonymous meeting must have been successful with almost thirty people in attendance.  I was not present although I got an assortment of cookies ready for them to have with tea or coffee.  Father Moses found an unopened box of finely ground oats in the pantry so I tried making a bowl of it.  Unfortunately, it looked and tasted more like a lumpy blob of thick wallpaper paste rather than a porridge.  Perhaps I have to be more inventive with it.  With the blueberry season coming upon us, we find ourselves eating these berries two or even three times a day, and our own bushes will be producing bountifully so that we shall have to freeze countless bags of berries.

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