I regret not being able to see the work that was done yesterday and, in fact, today.  I believe that it was Andy, Daniel and his brother Brad, who first removed the shrubs then dug a deep  trench until they located the broken part of the sewer line.  Having repaired it, I now hope that we do not have any more problems.  The medication I was given makes me groggy, so that in the middle of the night I am suddenly wide awake and I must sit and read until I finally begin to doze off in the chair.  I occupy myself during the day with small tasks such as the one I did this afternoon.  I repaired one shoe with gorilla glue and in just a minute or two it was ready to be used.  Over the years we have bought quite a few DVDs and manuals from the  Great Courses series and recently I ordered one called How to Play the Piano.  As a youngster I took piano lessons which came in useful in adult life, but I wanted to learn more about the theory, so next week I shall try to begin a bit of independent studying—there is nothing better than keeping the brain busy. 

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