Sunday, September 06, 2020

Today proved to be quite a full day which, being Sunday, began with the serving of Matins in the outdoor chapel. This was followed by the Divine Liturgy which was served by Archbishop Lazar and Father Markel, mostly in English. This Sunday, about 40 people attended the liturgy – smaller than most Sundays when we served indoors, but more than the last 2 Sundays. At the end of the Liturgy, there was the serving of the small anointing service, then the blessing for those who are travelling, and finally, the blessing of those studying or returning to school for the year. Since it is the 1st Sunday of the month, we also had the anointing service at the end of the liturgy. I might add that although it was overcast during most of the services, it was still possible to be sunburned and so I did get my trusty umbrella in order to make a shield between the sunlight and my fragile skin. A bit later in the afternoon, Dmitri Arykov worked on the coordination of his computer with our printing machine and was able to cause the printer to cooperate partially. This means a bit more adjusting to complete the project. As well, Dmitri Gusev and Andy worked to create a lengthy drainage channel for the forthcoming “monastic fountain” which is being constructed near the memorial garden. They had quite a chore because that area of the grounds is not pure soil but rather soil filled with stones, small and large.

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