Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!
We greet everyone on this holiest and most joyous feast of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I was pleased that I was given enough strength to serve the Paschal Matins and the Liturgy.  At 9:30 the readers began reading in various languages and at midnight the Cross Procession began with no rain to hinder us.  The church was filled  with people standing right up to the ambon. The singing was probably the best that it has ever been and the hours slipped by quickly.  Countless baskets were blessed and, even though many left for home, there was scarcely enough room in the hall and the other rooms for the breaking of the fast.  The last people left after 5 a.m. but Father Moses and Thomas stayed up until ten to be present at the Typica service. I was surprised to see more than forty people who came for this brief service and the tables were once again covered with baskets full of eggs, cheese, breads, etc.  It became obvious that we shall be having such Typica services in future years. 

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