Sunday, May 5, 2019

As the end of Matins approached, I wondered why there were so few people in church, but really there was no need to be concerned, for they quickly began to fill the church. At least a dozen people asked for prayers for travelling, then we had a general memorial litany which should be served next Tuesday, but knowing that almost no one could come on a work day, we served it today.  Then we went outdoors to bless the new Holy Well. We must thank Vlad and Doina Strimbu for their effort to erect this little chapel dedicated to the Theotokos the Lifebearing Spring.  Inside is a large carved cross in a Romanian style , a large marble basin to catch water that comes from a brass faucet.  Meanwhile, a large number of people had begun to gather at the memorial to celebrate the end of World War Two and to plant a tree.  It is amazing to see how many trees have been planted there over the years, some of which are blooming now.  We had our regular Agape meal in the hall, while others had brought a huge amount of food to have an outdoor “picnic” after which a concert was presented  as people sat on the lawn or on lawn chairs.  What makes it interesting is that the lawn slopes toward the former swimming pool which we had covered many years ago and which now serves as a stage, reminding one of the ancient amphitheatres.  For the very first time this year I spent at least three and a half hours outdoors in the fresh air.  Although it was very warm, the breeze was a little cool and made it pleasant to enjoy the fresh air.  

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