Andy came to help Vladika Lazar walk over to the main building, as we had a typical autumnal drizzle and later he came to help me as well, holding the giant golf umbrella over my head to keep me dry.  For once I felt completely comfortable in church, it being not too warm, nor too cool.  The singers did very well both in Matins and in the Liturgy, for which I had to compliment them.  They are all untrained singers, trying their utmost to fulfill their responsibility as best as they can, so I had to let them know that they were doing very well.  Immediately after the Agape meal Vladika had a Meleti [spiritual talk] in church while I served a full memorial service in the old church.  Others agreed with me that it felt cozy, if I can use that term, and it brought back many memories of when we served entirely in it.  A number of visitors were here for the first time and we made certain that they felt welcome in our midst.  It was a day that ended on a positive note, and we thank God for blessing us, unworthy that we are.

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