What an odd day this has been.  There were many phone calls made directly to the monastery or amongst parishioners to find out what the driving conditions were like.  It turned out that Vancouver and all the cities between there  and the monastery had a heavy   snowfall while we had almost nothing.  This is what I meant by a micro climate in a recent diary entry.  Of course, there were fewer people present than usual but the singing was amazing.  Liudmila did a splendid job of assembling a children’s Yolka or, in other words,  a childrens’ programme.  Today also happened to be the birthday of Archbishop Lazar while yesterday it was the birthday of  Deacon Markel, Galina and Yuri.  It is not that often that one can encounter triplets.  Father Moses is patiently waiting to proof read today’s entry, after which he can go back to the monastic building and prepare for a good night’s sleep.                                                                                             

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