The storm has not relented and, by normal standards, it would be nothing to worry about but here, such things can be frightening, especially when you see women in cutoff shorts and high heels, acting as if they were on a TV country or barn dance show, or shopping at Walmart’s. But, to be fair, these women might be the same ones who wear mukluks and knee high boots in the heat of summer. One such person is our neighbour who seems to be suffering from a similar syndrome.   Thank you for your kind words, Sybil, where you undoubtedly are sitting on a swing on the front verandah, sipping on a mint julep. Y’all just keep in mind that to keep cool, fur lined boots are a no-no. If you find these words offensive, just ignore them. When y’all come up to visit, remember not to bring any deep fried catfish although Father Moses can still recall the unpleasant taste of catfish and possum pies. 

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