Saturday, April 6, 2019

Monica arrived with a trunk full of shrubs and flowers to be transplanted, and later Natasha came with Xenia, the student studying in Berlin, whereupon they spent hours digging and transplanting, then raking and tidying up the yard.  Since they had to leave early, we were glad to see Irina come who carried on their work.  I found the day to be pleasant, as it was possible to visit with people, to hear confessions, to have Great Vespers at which Father Moses and I sang well [please excuse my lack of modesty], and to have people dropping in unexpectedly.  And now, as I prepare to retire for the night, I wait for tomorrow’s feast of the Annunciation to arrive. It used to be the custom to bake tiny dough swallows that were consumed during the meal, but I fear that this custom has gone by the wayside.

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