Friday, 7 August, 2020

This day was another with overcast skies, a bit of rain and a cooler temperature.

The last section on the proposed book by Archbishop Lazar, on the subject of the meaning of the Apocalypse in the New Testament, was completed today.

In the kitchen, I decided to try making a vegetable wrap. I took a multigrain tortilla, spread crunchy lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded bell peppers, vegenaise, a touch of barbecue sauce and then spread peanut butter and wrapped it. It was tasty and went down well with a large glass of Inka and an orange for dessert.

In the area of artwork, today I completed a canvas panel which is painted in the “primitive” style, using basic colours. This is a painting, based on my favourite church in the Old Believer cemetery in Moscow. Any way, now I am ready to varnish the panel and can set it out to dry, which will take several days.

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