Saturday, 8 August, 2020

This has proved to be a full day.

I began the day with the reading of the Pannikhida and the collection of names that have been adding up for a long time. This was then followed by the reading of a Moleben and, again, the reading of a large collection of names of people who have requested prayers in their behalf.

A number of visitors spent most of the day working at the monastery. There was a lot of cleaning and painting being done and later in the afternoon, there was a delicious lunch with a variety of foods, including one of our favourites, buckwheat kasha. With this being the height of watermelon season, there was also a large, firm and sweet watermelon which had been sliced and placed in a large bowl in the middle of the table. Everyone looked pretty exhausted so the break for lunch and tea was a welcome treat for everyone.

At 19.00, Vespers was served to welcome the end of the working day. It was warm in the church but the service went well and those attending were enthusiastically joining in the chanting. At the end of the service, Fr Markel announced that the Liturgy tomorrow would be served once again out side, at the little chapel under the stairs.

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