I was still sitting in the reclining chair when I awoke this morning which was not surprising but what made it remarkable was looking out straight ahead of me and seeing a gorgeous winter scene.  The double glass door occupies more than half the entire wall and I could look at the mountains across the river and see that all the snow had gone with the two remaining colours still with us, that is, green and a mottled brown, a combination that would ordinarily be thought of as boring, but not in this case.  Some of the comments I made earlier about needing peace and quiet might have frightened a few brave soul into avoiding any contact.  That was not the intention, rather, I did not want to be bombarded by constant emails and phone calls.  I will let you know if I become tired  with some sort of old fashioned expression such as,”Sorry, I have to go now because the pot of beans is boiling over” or better still, “There is someone knocking at the door.” Some of you might recall having read about Kyrill  dogsitting with his daughter’s chihuahua, an elderly dog that needs no  looking after.  Well, it happened again tonight, the only noticeable difference being that Mimi wore her raincoat which made her look fatter than usual.

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