Just as there are countless ways of preparing Greek dishes,  so also are there endless ways of preparing Greek food, often depending on which part of the world one came from.  Must we always fall back on the gastronomical world to begin a meaningful discourse?  How about “How often ringeth the supper bell” or “The superiority of Novgorod’s kasha.” Does this make any sense?  I recall overhearing a conversation at a nearby table in a Kievan restaurant some fifty five years ago about the purity of borshch; it had to be red from the beets.  One of the people said that they grew up on green borshch and, truly, this reminded me of the  first green borshch that  my mother used to make in spring, using sorrel.  Life is so full of surprising memories.  Just think for a moment, how did we survive in those good old days without sorrel for our green borshch?  After proof reading today’s entry, Father Moses said that it would be a sin to omit mentioning tonight’s culinary delight.  We had “beyond meat” chicken [soy based meat] fried with organic eggs and Ukrainian beans with Canadian cream cheese on the side.  He claims that we are ready to open a school for advanced cooking.

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