We were up at four o’clock in the morning to allow Vladika Lazar time to get ready for a trip to Vancouver for another scan.  We are fortunate to have had Thomas drive him there.  Meanwhile, Father Thomas arrived with others to begin the Hours in preparation for the Georgian Liturgy.  Bishop Sabba arrived soon after and I was ready to greet him with the ringing of bells, but unfortunately I did not see the car drive up, so I was rather late with the greeting of the bells.  Although the service was in old Georgian, I was taken by the piety of the people who were worshipping in the old church or, as it is being called, the “Georgian” church.  After the prayers of thanksgiving were read, we descended to the main hall where a huge Georgian meal was awaiting us.  Their cuisine has always been noted for its variety and for being delicious.  After a some words by Bishop Sabba, people were free to speak with him or to just circulate and enjoy each other’s company.  The visitors soon had to leave to fly back to Toronto, leaving the Georgian community thrilled with today’s event.

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