Daily tasks took up much of the day until early evening when our Georgian visitors arrived.  Bishop Sabba, the Georgian bishop from Philadelphia, accompanied by Father Thomas of Toronto, arrived at Vancouver Airport and a delegation that met them brought them to the monastery. Someone was thoughtful enough to start a fire in the wood burning stove in the hall and, by the time the guests arrived, we could open the doors of the stove and enjoy the warmth.  I could not believe the food that the women prepared and set out on the tables.  There was scarcely enough room for all the dishes.  It was amusing to discover that they did not realize that today, although a Friday, everything could be served in the way of dairy products, not that it mattered, for, as everyone knows, Georgian food is always delicious.  Tomorrow morning they will serve a Divine Liturgy in the old or, as it is now being called, the “Georgian” church.

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