Vladika Lazar drove me to Chilliwack to a store that specializes in things for the handicapped.  I was grateful to have had a couple of old walkers but the one I bought today suits my purpose excellently.  Andy did two loads of laundry for us, while Kyrill took out all the garbage.  All such help makes it easier for us, although we forgot that the cleaning woman was not going to be here today, so we shall have to be more careful and tidier for the next week.   She is sent here by the Mission Community Services once a week and we have to pay $1.50 per hour for the cleaning!  I would like to thank everyone for not phoning me, as that can be exhausting and the best thing to do is to pray.  It was heart warming to see a crane fly out of the nearby pond, for we have not seen any cranes for quite a few weeks.

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