We live in a  micro climate here near Dewdney, British Columbia and today was a good example of this oddity.  Half a mile to the west and there has been almost no snow.  In that respect, we are very much like the British who constantly talk about the weather and, let us face it, we can be very passionate about it. Our visitors to Columbia, in South America, have returned, looking a little weary, particularly from the food poisoning that they endured. My advice to you is to make your own sandwiches, but to stay away from street stalls. 

One thought to “SATURDAY 11 JANUARY 2020”

  1. Asking your blessing!
    A friend many years ago went from California to Mexico. Eating local food he was struck with ‘Monezuma’s Revenge’. Got over it soon and after an extended trip there he returned to the USA. He got it all over again! I hope to visit you before Lent starts. Hopefully I can stay overnight. If not feasible I can get me a motel room in Mission. Let me know, please.

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