Monday, September 14, 2020

This has proved to be a much cooler day. With the skies being overcast with clouds and the atmosphere being shrouded in smog, the temperature here is noticeably lower. Before making this diary entry, I was gathering some folders of articles which had been created for children when we were still printing our little Orthodox Christian magazine. These articles were part of a series which was created for children as a simple way for them to absorb Orthodox concepts and understandings of what was happening when they attend church services or take part in a variety of religious activities. These folders had been placed into a large box which has been resting for a number of years in an even larger box. Now that I have these folders, it is possible to go through them and arrange them in some kind of logical order, since when these were written, there was no particular order for the subjects. In the later afternoon, I went to Archbishop Lazar’s “Pusteen” to retrieve a copy of the Gospel Book which we use for some of the Mattins services. On the way out and before returning the Gospel Book to the big church, I stopped to take some interesting photographs, two of them being of the structure which the Georgians are constructing. Today they completed the roof and it looks like a very sound structure: it looks like it would be a good place to seek shelter in case of a serious earthquake. I also took a picture of Vladika’s terrarium with its little Serbian house in it. He told me that he had bought it in Kosovo. I also found some old pictures of Vladika Lazar from 1960, and he told me I could post them if I wanted. So here they are.

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