Monday, January 21, 2019

After a busy weekend, I continue to feel  somewhat tired, yet exhilarated and  energized by all that had taken place—many people, conversations with new acquaintances, the blessing of the water in the stream and, most important of all,  the services that brought us such joy.  By contrast, today was so quiet and uneventful that I could have vanished completely and no one would have noticed.  Kirill texted a message minutes after the plane landed to say that he and Vanya had arrived safely from Malaysia and he was anxious to visit us.  Yes, please do, as we have a few tasks just waiting for you.  I am sorry to have this diary entry so short, but there is little that I have to say today, not even a simple anecdote, however, as they say on radio,”Tune in tomorrow for more of the same.”

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