Sunday, January 20, 2019

The time to rise came early while it was still dark outside, but there could be no lingering, as the services were soon to begin. We had a Serbian Slava in the morning.  Let me explain what that is. Instead of each person having a personal patron saint, the Serbs have one for the entire family, usually the one chosen when the family first became Orthodox.  Since today is the commemoration of Saint John the Baptist, Dragan came, on this his family’s Slava, with a bowl of koliva, made of boiled wheat or some other grain and sweetened with honey, as well as an intricately decorated loaf of baked bread which is cut in half with wine poured on each half.  This service is beloved by the Serbs and most celebrate it faithfully each year.  After yesterday’s large crowd, there were fewer in attendance today, but more than enough to make it a memorable day.  We did not have another procession to the water, although a number of brave souls went there on their own to descend into the blessed stream.  Taras suggested that we post photos of the early years of this monastery, what it looked like, and the nature in which it was located.  It is a good idea and we shall begin looking for appropriate photos. 

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