After yesterday’s excitement, today seemed to be quiet and even uneventful. In the afternoon both Vladika and I went to town to do some necessary shopping, each one on his own. I used a large cart while Vladika used his walker, as it has a large container for carrying things. After the shopping had been done, we walked back to the car and, while I was helping Vladika get into it, the cart unexpectedly began to move on its own after a sudden gust of wind. By the time I turned around, it was across the parking lot and headed for the main entrance. As luck would have it, a gentleman stopped it and, seeing my shocked look, realized that it was my cart, so he kindly brought it over to me. As a whole, people here are very polite and considerate. Davey took the Jeep away tonight to have the winter tires replaced with summer ones, so that we can finally feel that winter’s woes are behind us.

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