Monday, 4 August, 2020

The weather !!! That is all that need be said about it.

Moving on, the day has held some interesting actions. The first of these is having received a call from Archbishop Lazar who needed the dates of two more feast days for the calendar he is preparing to print. This meant going onto the computer in search of a couple of sites which have computerised the Orthodox ecclesiastical calendars, both according to the Old style and the New style. I also checked the Old Believer calendar to make sure the Julian Calendar dates were correct because they are very careful when it comes to printed materials.

Having found the information, I walked it to Archbishop Lazar’s little abode and was given the next section of the manuscript on the “Book of Revelation” which is in the process of being checked before printing.

On the way to the kitchen, I met Andy and the his constant companions, 9 and 5, and we made plans for a small trip into town sometime this week.

When reaching the kitchen, I decided that it would be a good idea to have something to eat and so made instant oatmean (yummy) to which was added both peanut butter and, some excellent farmer cheese which Monica had brought on Sunday; the combination was excellent in taste as well as nutritious.  For a drink I wanted something a bit chilled so found a container of apple juice and one of carrot juice. I strongly dislike both of them but thought to try blending them just to see what the results might be. To be honest, I very much enjoyed the mix of the apple and carrot but don’t really know why. Following lunch, I returned to the computer where it was possible to do a bit more digging for information and then write the diary entry for today.

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