We have reached the last day of April and, even though we are surrounded by flowering bushes and an array of colourful flowers, it still does not entirely feel like spring.  Perhaps May will give us the results we so desire.  Vladika Lazar and I both visited a clinic in New Westminster with Thomas driving us there.  To my great amazement, one of the nurses recognized me form her youth and I also recalled seeing her at the public library where she, a precocious child, and her mother were often to be found.  Upon leaving, she asked if she could give me a big hug, which she indeed proceeded to do.  Olga and Lija spent much of the day cleaning the cottage and preparing food for us.   These are chores that are rather difficult for us, so whenever anyone volunteers, we truly appreciate the help.  Ron and Irenaius brought Vladika a book they had published honouring Vladika Lazar for the works he has written and also his positive influence on so many people.  It was a magnificent tribute.

One thought to “MONDAY 30 APRIL 2018”

  1. Love to have a way to get that book on Vl.Lazar!
    Incidentally, I suffered a disloxation of my left shoulder in late March.
    Now taken care of surgically but stil in a sling for several more weeks.I
    appreciate any prayers for me. Your’s are more serious than mine and I
    remember all of you constantly.
    God be with us all, elders and feeblers!
    I wanna say Bah Humbug, I’m not like THAT!
    but at 82 I have less forward and more backwards. God be with us all…

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