Since this is the last Sunday of the month, the Liturgy was served in Church Slavonic and I was surprised to find fewer people in attendance than usual, since usually the church is filled for this Liturgy.  Whatever the reasons, it was great to see baby Taisia, whom we baptized last week, and baby Sophia who will be baptized next week. As well we became acquainted with people who left Russia after the revolution and worked their way to Canada while living in Siberia, Harbin in Manchuria and, finally, in China.  We were able to reminisce about some of the mutual acquaintances who have long reposed but who had also travelled this same path, among them being our own George Patrikeeff, for whom we served a memorial litany, as it is already five years since his repose.  He loved the Church and he left behind much of his handiwork, for example, the many icons he framed, the memorial table, the Pascal tomb and much more.

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