Yesterday was an exhausting day which meant that I slept soundly all night and, even so, I felt that I could have slept for the rest of the day. There were so many recollections of yesterday’s services and conversations with people that all day long my mind was filled with joy.  Today happens to be the first day of the Apostles’ Fast when we try to control ourselves in the amount of food  and kind of food we eat, as from other things as well, yet at the last moment, people kept bringing us food and stuffing it into the refrigerator, as if this was going to be the end of our existence.  I am truly touched by their loving concern for our well being.  Several people sighted bears on the monastery property yesterday, so we shall attempt to be alert, although they have never bothered us.  The only danger that arises is when you might come between the mother and her cubs.

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