Having had to drive into town twice today, I could not see a single person with a frown on their face, for the spring weather has delighted everyone. For a while I sat outdoors, looking at our gigantic cedar trees that stretch up into the heavens, with their lower branches touching the ground; how tiny we are in comparison. Vladika Lazar took the scooter and drove it past the barn, all the way around to the main entrance and then into the printing room for the first time since returning to the monastery. Davey brought his hospital bed on a trailer and set it up for Vladika. One of its advantages is that the foot of the bed can be raised to help circulation in the feet. The kids were here from the city and Yuri baked a loaf of old fashioned bread. Liudmila sent some photos that were taken yesterday and one of them was especially interesting, as I mentioned in yesterday’s dairy entry, where I was wrapped up like a cocoon. Perhaps it can be posted so that you can see it!

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