I did not have to dress warmly when I walked to church this morning, for I usually have had to wear a couple of sweaters to protect myself from the cold. There were last minute preparations for the baptism of Taisia who is about three months old. She behaved marvelously and then slept well during the Liturgy. The new rendition of the Cherubicon surprised some people, but it was sung splendidly. Vladika Lazar participated in the baptism and the Liturgy, also giving the sermon as well as the spiritual talk after the Agape meal. How good it was to see him as his former self. As usual, the Agape meal brought many of the faithful together, and we welcomed others from Montreal, Seattle and Russia. Later in the afternoon, several of us took chairs and sat on the lawn, warmed by the sun, although the occasional cloud sent us a cool breeze, during which I was bundled up like a cocoon by those around me who did not want me to get chilled. It was the first outdoor gathering on the lawn this year as we watched eagles soaring above us, and ravens flying overhead.

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