March 18, 2020

When we announce that there would be no public liturgies at the monastery until further notice, we had one or 2 negative comments – though not from anyone in our congregation. As difficult as it is to cancel public liturgies, we must consider that this matter is not just about us, but about the broader community around us and our responsibility to it. We are not just responsible for ourselves and our own interactions, but we also have a responsibility to the greater community in which we dwell, and we have to take them into consideration. We should be ready to cooperate in this current situation for the welfare of the whole populace, and cooperate with government policies in dealing with this present pandemic without reservation. Cancelling our own public services here is a matter of behaving responsibly, not only for our own congregation but for the general public around us. I ask everyone to consider the matter from this point of view rather than remonstrating with those who have shown this responsibility.

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