Fr. Moses’ Daily Diary, 19 March, 2020

Today has proved to be another sunny, and considerably warmer, day. It was possible to go out and take a few photographs but mostly I have been staying indoors, keeping warm and drinking, literally, gallons of hot tea and my favourite drink “Inka” which is made of various powdered grains.

There have been a number of phone calls to enquire about many things, including the situation of the service schedule. As those who are attentive to the web site already are aware, we are following the suggestions of government and health officials but the church is still open and individuals are welcome to pray and light candles.

While on the subject of candles and prayer, it should be mentioned that we try to always keep the lamp burning before the icon “Joy of Canada”. From experimenting, it has been made clear that the most perfect oil for burning in icon lamps is Canola oil. It burns cleanly and with a good and clear flame. At the present time I am burning olive oil from a bottle that comes from a church in the holy land. It does not burn well and constantly needs to be relit. As a result, I am asking that people donate bottles, cans, tubs or whatever, of Canola oil so that we can keep the lamp burning before the icon of the Theotokos.

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