Daily Diary, 22 July, 2020

Today began with the reading of the Moleben for all of those who requested the 40 day prayers. Also, the reading of the 40 days of memorial services. After this, I decided to try out my battery charger; it is still plugged into the wall and the red light has not yet changed to the green light so I can’t tell you how the charger is working. I very much dislike using batteries because they are bad for the environment and this is why I am always keeping an eye out for solar powered, or wind up or other types of what is called “renewable” energy sources.

My first big victory was that of getting a watch that is actually wound simply by your movement soooo, the more active you are, the more your watch is activated. This watch was a gift and I have worn it every day since it was presented for my nameday.

My second prize is a solar powered torch. All you do is sit it in the window and the sun charges it. As well, I have a rechargeable torch which works very well and is kept on hand for emergencies.

I do have a traditional wind up clock which has a very loud alarm. It keeps accurate time and only has to be wound once a day so that it isn’t necessary to depend on a battery powered or digital clock.

For the days when there is no sun and when the electricity has shut down, I also have a torch that is wound with a little crank. It uses led technology so the light is quite bright, though it has to be wound for a minute before turning it on.

In the way of kitchen adventures, today I had an amazing bowl of instant oatmeal which is loaded with flax. I was able to add granola in order to make it more nutritious and it was washed down with a large glass of freshly made tansey tea

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