Daily Diary, 24 July, 2020

What a difference just a drop of a fer degrees in temperature can make. Today has been overcast and even a bit of rain and it is possible to feel the difference.

Today it was possible to varnish several completed icons which is good because it helps to prevent them becoming scratched or damaged. I made a little wooden blessing cross with the inscription in Georgian and hope that Fr Shio can use it.

Today Andy took me into town to collect some books that had been requested quite some time ago but only just now have arrived. One is on the subject of “Arts & Craft” furniture and has also patterns showing how these were constructed; very interesting. The second book deals with the subject of various types of architecture and ways to make it seismically sound; also very interesting and informative.

After the library, Andy took me to the store to do a bit of shopping. Before entering the store, I asked one of the employees if we were allowed to take a fabric, ecologically sound, shopping bag into the store. She informed me that it was all right and that the only restriction was that when at the checkout counter, we were not allowed to place the bag on the counter; we were to remove our items from the bag, place them on the check out counter and after the cashier rang them up, then we could replace them into our bags. It was a lot easier than I had expected.

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