Daily Diary, 21 July, 2020

As everyone is aware, today is another hot and sweltering day at the monastery. There is a lot of sunshine and once again the heron is in the stream, standing patiently and waiting for something to eat.

Today I am retrieving the next section of the book which Archbishop Lazar is writing, on the subject of the Book of Revelation. As well, Sorin had also passed on to me a proof copy of the “Parastas” in English, with musical notation. The format is quite nice and so all that I have to do with the manuscript is check the wording, make a few editorial remarks and return it to him.
When checking my emails today, I found a note from Stavroula whom many of you know. She is very much interested in health and the health sciences and she and I correspond frequently and she keeps me updated.
In the way of kitchen adventures, today is another day for buckwheat kasha. This time, it has been heated in the microwave but added to it are mixed vegetables, seaweed and Danish blue cheese. This particular blue cheese has a more subtle flavour than many others and the sea weed completes it well. Another of my culinary desires is to learn how to properly cook an egg in the microwave, which means back to the web.
Olga asked for a picture of Tansy so I have attached one.
[Father Moses]

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