Friday, September 04, 2020

Yikes and double Yikes! Another scorching and sunny day. Even so, it was necessary to go into town in order to renew a prescription. Before leaving, I had to call the pharmacy and much to my surprise, learned that the prescription had expired, even though on the bottle, it was marked that I had 7 more refills to go. This was confusing to me but the Pharmacist explained that he would call my doctor and renew the prescription on an emergency basis, for a month, which I was thankful to hear. There is more to this story. Andy drove me into town and we went first to the pharmacy where I met the Pharmacist who had my prescription already filled and bagged. Even more, to my surprise, there was no charge for the prescription. In contrast to this, when I had my prescription at a different pharmacy, I had been charged $15. for three pills, which was only a 3 day supply and here I had a whole month and no charge so I thanked God, and the Pharmacist, and went on my way. [The 1st pharmacist had not bothered to register the prescription with British Columbia Pharmacare. The 2nd pharmacist had done so. If you qualify for Pharmacare but are still paying for your prescriptions checked to make sure whether your doctor or pharmacist are registering them so that you do not have to pay.]After leaving the pharmacy, we then made a visit to the big hardware store because I wanted to purchase a wooden panel for an icon that I am hoping to complete. Andy went with me and made some helpful suggestions concerning the various wooden panels that we looked at. To be honest, I had no idea that there were so many choices available: fibreboard; chipboard; plasticboard; various types of laminates. With his help, it was possible to choose an appropriate panel and so now am in the process of planning the completion of the icon.On our return to the monastery, we met the man who is preparing the fields for planting a variety of crops. I am not familiar with the various types of machines but can only say that the man plowed the fields, then used a machine which broke up the clods into fine dust so that the fields are now smoothe and ready for the planting of various vegetables and grain crops.9 and 5 were with us and seemed to thoroughly enjoy both the ride into town and the visit with the man plowing the fields.

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