Thursday, September 03, 2020

Today we will continue with remembrance of the work on the monastery grounds.Our first view will be of the new fountain/rest stop which is in the process of construction. Originally, it was to be a small planting on the slope leading up from the memorial garden and to Archbishop Lazar’s little residence. That idea was exchanged for the present construction of a low granite wall and the fountain which is reminiscent of those rest stops for pilgrims, on Mount Athos. These contain stone seats for resting and some kind of spout or tap for water, enabling pilgrims to catch their breath and refresh themselves as well. Our construction is of Canadian granite and has a cast stone cross above the fountain. It seems that the shade shall be provided by an arbour made of a leafy vine to create shade.The next project has been the renovation of the guest room which is near the kitchen in the main building. The room was cleared of all furnishings and then stripped, totally repainted and to come are a new floor and floor covering. As well, new furnishings are planned along with additional work on the large window which looks out over the wayside cross and holy well.All of this represents hundreds of hours of work and prayerful concern for the safety and beauty of the monastery grounds and buildings. Once again, we thank God and the many pious members of the parish communities whose labour of love made all of these changes possible.1 share

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