Friday, October 2, 2020

This has proved to be another interesting day. Once again, I was going through very old folders of articles I had written before email, ebooks and “e” everything else, was common. Some of the articles are fine just the way they are but others need a bit of adjustment.Following this, I then went through another box and found a book titled, “Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers”. Hmm, maybe this might be a useful or interesting text?! From my perspective, what these people taught and believed is not so important, rather the teachings of Orthodoxy are what we need to concentrate and to know. However, I do also know from experience that in dealing with people who have questions about Orthodox Christianity and about spiritual questions, it is helpful to at least be aware of these ideas and understand them, in order to hold intelligent and meaningful conversation with people who are seeking to know Orthodox Christianity (and, I might add that this often includes people who are baptized Orthodox Christians).

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