Saturday, October 3, 2020

This Saturday was a slow moving and rather relaxed day. As is the usual practice, the day began with the Pannikhida and reading of lists of names that have been passed on to me. It was necessary to also go through the stacks of names and cull the lists because some of them are for a period of 40 days and when going through the stacks, I found that there were multiples of the same lists. Now I am going to go through these and am making a little book of the names, which will also help to tidy up my little icon corner.>>In the afternoon, it was time for the reading of Vespers. Vladika Lazar and Father Markel were quite ill and unable to attend and no one else came soooo, I simply read the service myself, which was something I enjoy doing. Following the completion of the reading, I did take a brief walk around the gatehouse and found some beautiful groups of flowers and various other plants, which my trusty little camera anxiously gobbled up and stored in its memory. As always, this was a relaxed and peaceful way to end the day.

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