While driving Vladika Lazar to the clinic I had to turn on some heat in the car, as it was chilly. In fact, the entire day felt chilly but we have been promised better weather for the weekend. I was really quite proud of Vladika, as he got into the car and out of it three times today without any assistance, as well as pushing a grocery cart while doing some shopping at the greengrocer’s. Andy has had the wood chipper here for the afternoon and, as you can well imagine, there is much to be chipped. It was a pleasant surprise to see some people arrive who could not come for tomorrow’s work party, but who wanted to help. Anyone who has ever visited this monastery will know that there is always help needed, indoors and outdoors. Father Moses told me that he has prepared everything for tomorrow’s two baptisms. I have not gone out to see them, but I think that Sorin has brought and installed the shutters for the belfry.

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