On the whole it has been a terrible day, beginning about 4 a.m. when  I finally fell into a deep sleep.  As a result, I awoke at  noon with an uncomfortable feeling of having missed a good portion of this day.  When Vladika Lazar left for his physical exercising, he asked Father Moses to come to the cottage to “babysit” with me, being concerned that I might get injured.  Of course, nothing like that happened, but I certainly was glad that he did so because half an hour after he left, I had a series of painful attacks.  It felt as if I were being ever more strongly attacked by countless forces of evil that had no desire to lessen their attacks yet all I could do was to be a bystander witnessing this futile combat.  After taking what seemed like countless painkillers, the pain slowly abated and, I could only give glory to God that it ended at least temporarily.  And now, as I am typing up today’s diary entry, I can enjoy the popcorn that Vladika had brought as a treat.  My Aunt Anna, who drove until the very day of her death and that would have been her hundredth year, used to complain about her nose getting cold and dripping,  and now I experience the very same thing.  One of our parishioners, a former doctor of emergency care once explained why this happens and now that I am experiencing the same symptoms, I can feel better about the causes and treatments.  Among our congregation we have at least eight practicing and former doctors, and as many nurses, most of whom are careful to give advice and, at the same time, we have as  many or more health practitioners.  Moreover, almost every other person from Eastern Europe is more than willing to give advice on any topic concerning health, in fact on any subject.  So, I am off to try one of the many tips and bits of advice I have been given.                                                                                                                                                    

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