Once again I fell for the mystery of time.  I remembered that I lay down for a while to rest, using the reclining chair yet, when I opened my eyes, it was bright outside so that could only have meant that it was early in the morning but, how could that be possible when it was absolutely black at this time on other days!  When I walked into the kitchen and saw Father Moses working at the computer, I knew that I was fooled again.  It was three thirty but  in the afternoon, so that the mystery was immediately solved. It is at times such as this when I become a great supporter of the twenty four hour system, even though it would take time to get used to it.  In such a case, I could say, “I am writing this at 20:05” and all would become clear instead of having to add p.m. to clarify this time.   When I was young it used to be called Railroad Time. 

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