Walking back to my cottage at night, I was impressed with the complete silence all around me, with snow lying everywhere like several carpets piled one upon another.  It was beautiful, but we do hope that it is the end of the snowy season.  We had a larger attendance for this evening liturgy and the singing was good.  Even I felt more at ease with less pain in my hip which made it easier to serve.  Vladika Lazar had a difficult day and he asks that no one should come to visit him, as it tires him and, instead of helping him, as most visitors assume, they simply tire him out.  Yuri was of great help in assembling emails and sending them to Liudmila so that messages can be sent out to everyone at once.  If you wish to add your email, or that of your friends, please let us know and we will be glad to fulfil your request.

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