I was reminded that today was the summer solstice and now the days will be getting shorter.  It is a somewhat sad thought, yet summer and its oppressive heat is still to come.  Liudmila left piles of the obnoxious morning glory vines that she had pulled out and also unwrapped from around the raspberry canes and other bushes.  It is a never ending battle but at least it is being carried out.  We expect more volunteers to arrive tomorrow to help out.  I found the Mystery of the Pizza Cutter to be amusing, although it is still not found, but another mystery was of the two missing cutting boards which, quite by chance, were located today at the bottom of the lowest drawer in one of the kitchen cabinets.  While on this subject, does anyone know what happened to the little souvenir samovar that disappeared a few weeks ago?  Do we have a kleptomaniac in our midst?

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