Because of the inclement weather no care giver was expected to arrive around nine o’clock, but the sudden sound of a lawn mower made me wonder if I was hallucinating.  A lawn mower in the middle of winter??? Then it suddenly dawned on me that it was not the  sound of a lawn mower but rather that of a snow blower, for both resemble each other and no, there was no hallucinating on my part.  I was tempted to mention this to my afternoon caregiver Von, but the better part of me decided against it, as he would probably have to make a note of that and the senior nurse might take it seriously.  David flew in from Edmonton early in the evening, much to our delight, as he is such an old and dear friend of the monastery.  It is easy to have a number of good acquaintances, but rarely does one find true and devoted friends. 

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